Literacy Matters LLC is an educational consulting business formed by Dr. Rose Marie Codling, a former classroom teacher, reading specialist, and teacher educator. Dr. Codling’s strengths and experiences support the mission of the company which is to provide meaningful, appropriate support for the academic and motivation matters relevant to individuals who use literacy as a tool for personal and professional objectives.

Many children with weak reading and writing skills suffer embarrassment and frustration that can be carried into adulthood. Even more demoralizing, many students successfully navigate 13 years of schooling, only to realize that their mediocre literacy skills are insufficient for handling the rigors of a college environment. Even in the workplace, employers express concern about their workers’ reading and writing competence.  Literacy Matters LLC is founded on the belief that all individuals have a right to strong literacy skills. While this right is not universally realized, Dr. Codling is committed to applying what is known about literacy to work toward this end.  Read about Our Values.