“As the Instructional Resource Coordinator at the College of Southern Maryland, Dr. Rose Marie Codling was effective at assisting students in reaching new and improved educational heights. Whether a student was a scholastically accomplished STEM Scholar or a student trying to connect the dots of basic fundamental concepts, time spent with Dr. Codling would assuredly prove rewarding. I sincerely believe that she measures her success by the success of those whom she serves. Dr. Codling’s genuine desire to see students succeed coupled with her overwhelming compassion for others is undoubtedly a winning combination.”

– Professor, Biological Sciences

“Dr. Codling has been instrumental in helping improve my son’s reading level and grade in the first and second grade. Brian was reading below his grade level both years. After talking with Dr. Codling, Brian was tutored twice a week and improved his reading skill and began reading at grade level. Brian received reading improvement awards in first, second, and third grade. Dr. Codling also provided us with reading techniques to use at home and impressed upon the importance of Brian reading at home every day.”

– Parent of elementary school student

“One of Dr. Codling’s best traits is actively “listening” to what you have to say and then putting an individual learning plan together to help you meet your goal(s). She is very systematic and very detail oriented when working with students. She is a wonderful role model and actually practices the behavior(s) she expects her students to demonstration.”

– Professor, Health Sciences

“Dear Mrs. Codling: Thank you for such an encouraging report. I am trying hard and I will do my best at learning processing strategies. Thanks for your guidance.”

– College student

“Dr. Codling is great! She doesn’t overwhelm students, but provides challenge and highlights important and relevant material. She is understanding, approachable, and wonderful all around.”

– College student

“Dr. Codling is a definite asset to this program. She proved not only to be a great professor, but a confidante and a friend. I truly looked forward to her class. I absolutely loved being part of her class and will never forget her or the knowledge she has given me.”

– College student

“Dr. Codling is an exceptional instructor. She really cares about her students and their achievement. She brings in true-to- life examples to clarify concepts and give concepts meaning. Overall, I feel lucky to have had Dr. Codling as an instructor.”

– College student

“I learned why it is important to assess the progress students make as they are learning to read in order to plan appropriate instruction. I feel that Dr. Codling has helped me to understand the child’s perspective when learning to read.”

– College student

“I’m glad that I had Dr. Codling as a professor for my first semester. I was scared, didn’t fit in and wanted to give up. Having Dr. Codling was very encouraging. I always looked forward to her class. This class was an eye opener for me. It made me look at myself in a different light. At the end of the semester I am more confident than in the beginning.”

– College student

“Dr. Codling has helped me to become the teacher that I want to be, and I am very grateful for all that she has done.”

– Graduate student

“I really enjoyed myself at Dr. Codling’s workshop. I feel that I was able to pick up quite a few helpful tools for my use in teaching (not only) struggling readers!”

– College instructor

“I greatly enjoyed Dr. Codling’s Reading Strategies Workshop yesterday! The information was very useful.”

– Professor, Economics

“Ms. Codling shared strategies and tools that really made me a better teacher. While my education and experience were important to my subject knowledge, my only teaching knowledge was drawn from my days as a student. I believe my skill as an instructor improved measurably, student outcomes or grades and attendance improved and, the class room became a more productive and enjoyable experience for the student and for me.”
– Professor, Biological & Physical Sciences

“Thank you again for taking time out of your schedule to join us at the faculty meeting yesterday, and for offering your services as a reading specialist to our instructors. I had a lot of fun completing the summarizing activity, and I saw a lot of nodding heads in the room — I’m sure that lesson will get a lot of use this semester! It was a terrific session over all, and I’ve already gotten emails from instructors mentioning your activity as one of the highlights. Thanks again!”

– Professor, Languages & Literature