Teacher Professional Development

Learning to read and write is complicated and a teacher must understand that complexity in order to be an excellent teacher.  And, as the world changes, teachers must understand the complex, dynamic contexts in which learning occurs and the rich diversity of the students they teach.  This is why teachers spend years in the practice of teaching and study and why they are considered life-long learners.  To assist teachers in these efforts, Literacy Matters can provide school leaders with guidance in planning and delivering professional development opportunities for teachers.  Professional development opportunities are collaboratively-designed workshops and demonstration lessons.

Sample topics:

  • Addressing Individual Differences in the Era of Common Core
  • Cultivating Relevance Enhances Students’ Motivation and Achievement
  • The Challenge of Integrating External Mandates with Sound Instructional Practice
  • When Standards Interfere with Learning
  • Why Haven’t We Solved the Comprehension Puzzle?

…and other topics that further the mission of your school.