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Information especially for home school parents.

Learning to read and write can be complicated.  Most people don’t remember learning to read and write; they just have a general sense of school in their early years.

Literacy Matters provides assessment and instruction help to people who are learning to read and write and people of all ages who are trying to become better readers and writers.  Literacy Matters also provides help for people who want to help someone else to be a better reader or writer.

After high school, Ashley decided to open a small fabric shop rather than go to college.  That was 10 years ago and she has done pretty well.  Now she wants to expand her company but she doesn’t know if she can handle the business classes she needs.  She was always good at math and great with people but reading and writing were never her best subjects.  Read Adults Learning to Read and Write.

Six-year old Alison loves to do her reading homework and knows all the letters and sounds.  Halfway through 1st grade, dad realizes she can’t read a simple book.  He goes to the teacher.  “She gets As in reading but she can’t read!  I don’t understand.”  Read about The Role of Phonics in Learning to Read.

Kim is in 7th grade and her grades are slipping in English, history, and especially science.  She has a hard time following class discussions and admits, “I don’t know why I don’t understand it!”  There are so many big words.”  Read about The Relationship Between Comprehension and Vocabulary.

Eight-year old James worked hard in 1st and 2nd grade but expects to find himself in the low reading group again in 3rd grade.  His grades are Cs and Bs, but James is reading the Wimpy Kids series and the Magic Tree House books with comprehension and great enjoyment.  Read When Pleasure Reading and School Reading Look Different.

Jamal, 15, has OK grades.  He has a lot of reading homework, but when the history teacher asks what he read, he can’t answer.  He tells his mom, “I did read it but I didn’t really get it.” Read Why is Comprehension Difficult?

Paul is in 2nd grade and reads very slowly.  He hesitates a lot and tries to sound out almost every word that he sees.  This makes Paul very frustrated so he doesn’t like to read and is disagreeable when it comes to homework.  Click to read Reading Starts With Saying Words.