Are you an adult with a desire to improve your own reading and writing skills?

Are you a parent with a struggling reader at home?

Are you a homeschool parent looking for assistance with teaching your youngster to read and write or teaching your adolescent to comprehend difficult literature?

Are you a teacher seeking to strengthen your instruction or a school principal planning professional development opportunities for your staff?

Are you a college professor responsible for a teacher education program?

Literacy Matters provides services for you!

For some, learning to read and write is a smooth process that leads to school success. For others, learning to read and write well can be a challenge that leaves them feeling defeated. In any case, the instructional needs of literacy learners can be determined by appropriate assessment and addressed with targeted instruction.

Literacy Matters provides training for adults who wish to improve literacy knowledge or practice in their personal or professional lives. This includes parents and teachers who want to learn specific techniques and strategies to support their own literacy learners.

Teacher education faculty face significant challenges - hiring freezes, shrinking budgets, changing priorities, institutional constraints - that may impede their work. Literacy Matters provides a variety of support services for teacher education programs.